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Archon Construction, LLC is your full service concrete company based in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

C-23835 (Licensed concrete contractor #C31a; Licensed reinforcing steel contractor #C41)

Specializing in structural and functional concrete such as concrete foundations, heavy footings, pour-in-place walls, columns, suspended decks, concrete driveways, and all rebar reinforcement, Archon Construction LLC has been servicing Hawaii since 2001. From residential to commercial... we do it all!

Public works projects have included an a self composting bathroom at a state park which includes slab on grade, suspended slab and ADA walkways; seizmec retrofit at a court house; installing new shower pad and pedestals at a public beach park; an intricate connector bridge culvert; award-winning designed cemetery communal shelter and concrete enhancements (walkways, bathroom facility, and utility building); large transfer/recycling center servicing all of West Hawaii, including pour in place walls, structural slabs, and all incidental reinforcing steel.

Private projects have included pool walls, decks and copings; an 8,300 square foot driveway; a 300 lineal foot retaining wall reaching heights of 20 feet for a restaurant parking lot expansion in Kona; and retaining walls and large footings, 100 yards of black concrete driveway, curb, gutter and various walkways for a restaurant in Hilo.

Tom Gee, RME of Archon Construction, LLC, is a second generation concrete contractor from Orange County, California. His experience comes from working with top-knotch, highly skilled concrete craftsmen on large scale tilt ups, parking structures, and schools in Southern California. Prior to moving to Hawaii, Tom was co-owner of a rebar company in the Seattle, Washington area. Tom worked on several large concrete projects on Oahu before settling on the Big Island in 1997.

It is the integrity of good work, in a timely manner, with satisfied results that Archon Construction garners its success in the industry.

Formed stairs Poured and finishing concrete Salt textured finished stairs

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